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ADIÓS is an annual artist residency for creatives of various disciplines that takes place in thoughtfully selected international destinations. Participants disconnect from daily routines and responsibilities reinvigorating imagination and creativity. Set in a different country each year, artists collaborate, share concepts and techniques, integrate with local communities and explore new areas of artistic expression.

Since it's birth in 2015, ADIÒS has been focused on finding unique, international locations for its retreat. Travel is a core component of the process and affords the artists the opportunity to immerse themselves and their work in a new environment. By connecting with the community, landscape and fellow ADIÓS participants, travel plays an integral role in each member’s experience and ultimately the artwork created for the exhibition.

Following the annual experience, ADIÓS partners with a New York City gallery to exhibit the artwork inspired from the trip. The exhibition is comprised of original work by different artists across a range of mediums, including printed photographs, video projections, multimedia work, painting, sculpture, and installations. The exhibition stands as a living diary of the artists’ creative abilities and their shared experiences.

In addition to the gallery exhibition, ADIÓS produces a print publication featuring a curated selection of original artwork from each artist. Copies are distributed at the exhibition, purchasable from the ADIÓS website, and available for pickup at a variety of domestic and international locations. The ADIÓS print edition is a permanent testament to the international retreat and the artists’ creations.